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Message Subject Bitcoin Was Created By DARPA
Poster Handle Syan O'Citta
Post Content
Bitcoin's security is certainly questionable.

The account security(not mining) is based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography which is known to be breakable with a Quantum Computer(see Shor's Algorithm). So the question is, does *the enemy* have a quantum computer?

what do you think?

fact: Quantum Computers are soon going to be available to the public, do you think the govt and Big Capital don't have them?

Why haven't any of you learned anything about computers?

If its on a computer, it is vulnerable, period.

BitCoin's value is based on it's difficulty to gather, the problem being is every damn day, technology doubles. BitCoin is well on its way to being cracked and minded down to miniscule value.

Haven't any of you kept up with the cryogenic core computer Google has invested in? You think that thing can't mine a BitCoin a day? You're sadly mistaken. Google may *already* have the ability to mine BitCoin faster than anyone or anything on Earth.

Sell high, cuz the same day its cracked it won't be worth a dime
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