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Message Subject Why the Book of Enoch is not included in the Bible? Because it foretold the truth about Jesus and the Fallen Angels
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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the catholic position on €noch is misguided. The sole basis is Jesus saying there is no marrying or being given in marriage in heaven...

Angels didn't "marry" or have sex in heaven... They always came to Earth to have sex with mankind. The bible does not contradict and Jesus speaks truth. One must wonder if a major reason that angels fell was their consuming desire to have sex. It also ties in with my lust is such a heinous sin in Gods eyes. Perhaps when we lust and fornicate we are participating in the original sin of the sons of god who left their heavenly abode.

The book of Jude references Enoch and its well known that 1st century Jews would have held these opinions on angels, read the works of Josephus... Its stated matter of factly that this was the perception.

Angels corrupting human DNA and perverting the human race was the major reason for the flood (Noah was saved because he was clean or genetically pure), the reason for the genocide of Canaan and its precisely why geneaologies were so important to Jews... Jesus had to come from a pure bloodline. The bible is unified on this!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 50671141

You make some good points. I would like to add that it doesn't exactly say that the fallen wanted sex. Instead, it mentions that they want to produce children, like the humans do. In essence, they wanted to create something from themselves. Sex was just the (enjoyable) method of getting what they really wanted.

We also see this in that the fallen took a lot of time in teaching their hybrids everything that they knew about the physical world. Thus, they were investing time in their kids, making sure they got the best education they could.

We can see this in the Book of Enoch in God's reprimand of the fallen through Enoch;

First He says to them, listen, I made you (angels) eternal spirits. Thus, you have no need to "continue"/replace yourselves through a new generation. Humans were created as mortals, and for this reason I made them men and women, and gave them children.

Second, the offspring you did produce are damned, as they are born of (pre-Christ) human sin (fallen status = damned souls) and eternal spirits (angels). This equals eternally damned souls with zero chance of redemption. (Small wonder they were out-of-control, greedy, warring cannibals.)

Third, the stuff you taught your hybrid kids is both destructive and nothing. There is so much more to the universe that you angels never got the chance to learn yet, and now you will never get the chance to learn it, nor will they.

Forth, you were too cowardly to come to me and ask forgiveness? You send Enoch on your behalves, instead? When it is your job to serve humanity, not the other way around?
Shame on you!

I am going to bind you up and make you watch their destruction, except for 10% of them, which I have given to the accuser of mankind, so that he can do as I have consented. The spirits of your disembodied children will walk the earth until the final judgment.

Enoch, are you getting all of this? I really didn't want humanity to be taught writing just yet, but since so many people know how to do it now, you might as well learn, too, because I want you to write down what has happened, plus a few messages to future generations.

Ok, it doesn't go exactly like that, but it does give the gist of things. As you can see, the angels weren't really pervs. They wanted to create images of themselves without need for it. Disaster ensued.
 Quoting: ??? 26540428

The problem with the argument that generations resulted from mortality is that it doesn't hold water. God's edict to man and the rest of creation was to be fruitful and multiply prior to eating from the tree of knowledge and going into sin. The design precedes mortality.
 Quoting: Jesus Christ is the way

I understand your point, but no where in the Bible or any other text does it state that God created humankind to be mortal.

When He tells Adam and Eve that, if they should eat from the Tree of Knowledge, they will die, He is referring to their spirits, not their bodies.

This is how the serpent beguiles Eve into eating it in the first place...he tells her, "Surely you will not die", meaning her body, and immediately. (She was afraid that, if she ate it, she would drop dead ASAP.) And, when she didn't die, she got Adam to go along for the ride.

Later on in the Bible, we see that God states that their prolonged age is no longer required, as there were enough people at that time to ensure continued reproduction.

Science upholds this finding in lab studies: When ANY species is kept from mating until the last feasible moment to allow conception, the succeeding generation lives longer and stays young for a longer duration. I that generation, in turn, waits until the last possible window to conceive before old age, their offspring live even longer.

Something about the stressing of the DNA triggers extended lifespans. They don't know how this works, but it does.

Conversely, when scientists had various species mate as early as possible, the life expectancy of each succeeding generation grew shorter and shorter.

From a species preservation perspective, this makes complete sense; as populations decline, DNA stressors occur with later mating (due to lack of mating options) and life expectancies go up. When species populations explode, mate availability skyrockets, and DNA stressors disappear, lowering life expectancy.

Thus, humans were created mortal, were initially given really long life expectancies, and these were decreased by design as mate availability increased. What WAS immortal about us was our spirits, which would have gone directly to God upon physical death. Now we have to sleep until the final judgment.
 Quoting: ??? 26540428

You are just plain incorrect. Death is death. God told Adam and Eve that if they ate from the tree of knowledge they shall surely die. From that point, once the transgression took place, the effort was to redeem mankind. The wages of sin is death, man is appointed to die only once because of going into sin, and the originator of sin is satan. All of that is biblical. If it was a totally spiritual thing as some on this message board claim, then there would have been no point to Christ coming in flesh and dying on the cross for our sins nor his resurrection. The victory is over this death through Christ. We are transformed to glory at the seventh trumpet, but there is something God found of enough importance to save flesh.

We do know that flesh will be saved and the final generation that appears when Israel becomes a nation will not pass. We also know that the days will be shortened and flesh saved for the elect's sake.
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