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Message Subject Why the Book of Enoch is not included in the Bible? Because it foretold the truth about Jesus and the Fallen Angels
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The history before Noah's Flood is mysteriously absent from the books. Once you start to research the pre-history, you will see why they omitted the record.
It's deep.
Did you know that Noah was actually a black albino?
*Mind Blown* it's good stuff, but be ready to accept a different version of human kind.
 Quoting: Switchback 72312302

no...he was raidant...the ancients texts are unclear as to his true origins
some groups claiming he was partly divine

it is all an interesting tale
but one of a scientific, greatly misunderstood experience from the perspective of new humans
the first humans, they had limited vocabularies and lacked the words to express what it was they actually were seeing.
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