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A bizzare dream I had. Please pin if you wish and/or share your strange dreams.

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United States
12/05/2013 02:24 PM
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A bizzare dream I had. Please pin if you wish and/or share your strange dreams.
Hello everyone,

I just wanted to share a dream I had earlier in the year, it probably occurred in June or July. (I don't remember the exact date) Anyways I was in a desert wasteland with a friend in the year 2022. I asked him what happened, as it seemed something wasn't right, and he said he wasn't sure either. After some discussion we thought it could have been the product of a devastating war. We decided to investigate, and we found members of what I suppose would be called "the elite" which invited us to come into a room to join the party they were having, which seemed strange as the rest of the planet was a mess. We were amazed how they could be celebrating at such a time. Within 9 years we had apparently developed time travel, (I wish lol) so we decided to go back in time to August 2013, which seemed to be when the SHTF. We found ourselves back at our high school, where we had played football. It was the first week of the 2013 season, a few years after we had graduated, and our school was decorated leading up to the first game of the season. Beside the school banner was another banner than read "World War 3, August 2013." After a little more investigating, I was snapped out by the stupid alarm clock. I was understandably a bit nervous that day, but it subsided. A few months later on August 21st as many of you know, a chemical weapon was released in Syria, that killed more than 1000 people and nearly caused the U.S. to strike Syria. I was sitting on a chair in the living room a few days later on say the 24th, and hit me completely out the blue to check the football schedule for my high school, which I hadn't until that point. The first week of the season was against our most hated rival, (Which was often WW3) which I had no clue we were playing until that time. My mouth dropped a bit, I was edgy (and admittedly a bit terrified) to say the least, until things died down with Syria a few weeks later.

I don't expect anyone to believe this (I mean it's the Internet after all) as I don't believe that dreams can predict the future either(even if it's turns out wrong)but it was a unpleasant experience to say the least. I believe dreams are just dreams, random thoughts. With the reference to the "NWO and the elite" I don't particularly believe in it but I try to keep an open mind. I never had even heard of GLP till probably a month ago, but I just wanted to say something as I still haven't told anyone. Has anyone ever had a detailed dream that seemed to come true or was close to coming true? Thanks.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 50427665
12/06/2013 08:59 PM
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Re: A bizzare dream I had. Please pin if you wish and/or share your strange dreams.
Maybe you dreamt of an alternate timeline!

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