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The alliance between Atlantis and Lemuria has been strategically redeployed

Lucian Apollo Zalmoxe Lumina
User ID: 51296409
12/09/2013 04:34 PM
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The alliance between Atlantis and Lemuria has been strategically redeployed
The lemurian forces of the red race from Mars

are invited to withdrwa in 24 hours behind the Sun and on Mars

and to wait there the annunaki invasion of Earth

they will attack then together with the atlanteans on Earth

I have called for a galactic fleet of Atlantis to come here and assist us

the red race or brown race of martians

conquered Atlantis

this was our choince our mistake our destiny

they have felled from 7d we have fallen from 15d

to 3d

now we must act together against the annunaki

they will come here on 16th of december 2013

protocol zero of the defense of Atlantis has been initiated

everyone fights no one quits

every man woman and child shall receive an AKM with 200 bullets

on our expense

every bloc with flats shall have a SAM anti air installation

every city shall have a magnetic shield

every 1000 citizens a flying saucers and a cloaking device

I command

the whole Atlantis shall rise to do battle against the Annunaki

who conquered 12000 galxies already

and poluted and destoeyed their own homw wrold

they come in nibiru in a pyramid like vessel

our space moon station shall be aactivated

and in range of Earth

all 3 shields shall be activated

a;ll galacitc fleets shall be o alert

on both Lemuria and Atlantis

this is an alien message from 1977

[link to www.youtube.com]