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Anti-Shale Revolution: Clashes between police and fracking protesters in Romania

Daos Gebeleizis
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12/11/2013 01:05 PM
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Anti-Shale Revolution: Clashes between police and fracking protesters in Romania
This is happening right now !

I know the video is from 3-4 days ago but they censored every web-site from posting the truth !

Please pin this article in support of my country .

I know that we have a bad image around the world , most in USA and UK , but we are humans to , we need help , we need democracy !

"An anti-fracking protest in north-east Romania has turned violent. Clashes have broken out between police and locals - who are trying to stop the US, oil giant Chevron from drilling for shale gas in the area. RT's Lucy Kafanov is at the site of unrest. Earlier, Kevin Owen spoke to social and environmental safety campaigner George Barda - who believes big business and government are closer than ever when it comes to shale. Read More: [link to on.rt.com]

This is happening right now in Romania .

The following video shows how the villagers broke down the fences, chanting at the riot police: “Shame, shame on you!,” “Riot cops defend the thieves!,” “Romania: Police State!” During the conflict, riot cops broke the ribs of 25-year old Valentin Popa. “The police hit him with their sticks and with when he was on the ground they hit him with their boots,” villagers told a local paper.

Private riot police were supported by the private security company hired by Chevron.

[LATER EDIT: The next day, Chevron issued another press release announcing they resumed their operations. People report local people being arrested at random in the village. 3 teenagers who were taking their cows to the commons were abducted by the riot police on Sunday morning and taken to the police station in Vaslui. All are underage.]

A doctor from Vaslui, George Silvestrovici, tells the story of how he was illegally arrested and injured. “When I heard the police order people to move away, I left. In a hurry I fell and hurt my leg. I could not move, I stayed on the ground. Suddenly a riot police van came up and I was captured, with no explanation. I was taken to the police station in Vaslui, together with some dozens of protesters. They kept me there for 5 hours, no medical assistance, nothing. They never told me why they arrested me. Then suddenly they let us go. No explanation, nothing. This is an abuse.”

On a side there is profit and military power. On the other people’s lives.
The Romanian State, who usually appear nationalistic and full of religious and patriotic values, is blatantly backing the US giant corporation. The Romanian government has given Chevron 22,000 acres of land in Pungeşti, by a special law, to start explorations for shale gas by hydraulic fracturing.

The government granted Chevron rights to explore for shale gas in three other places, in South-East Romania, in Constanţa county: Vama Veche, Adamclisi şi Costineşti.

The government ignored people’s fears that fracking would ruin water resources.
Daos Gebeleizis  (OP)

User ID: 17700786
12/11/2013 01:07 PM
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Re: Anti-Shale Revolution: Clashes between police and fracking protesters in Romania
Think at all the sinkholes around the world !
Why do you think they appeared ?
I think this is one of the reasons ....

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