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Friday the 13th....well today sucked.

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United States
12/13/2013 06:59 PM
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Friday the 13th....well today sucked.
After showering this morning and getting ready for work, I asked my wife to go out and start the car while I finished dressing for work. She did.

Five minutes later and after refilling my coffee cup, I opened the front door to leave and I see smoke pours from under the hood of our only car (99 Oldsmobile Intrigue).

As I approach the car I see the Oak leaves under the car on fire. I go grab a water hose and spray under the car and on the hood, get in the car and turn it off. Open the hood and hose down the fire there.

Looks like the alternator started a small fire that fed its way to the fuel lines and my car is totally screwed.

Liability insurance only.....I'm as much toast as my car is.

I hate Friday the 13th.

I need a car. PM me if you can spare one. Thanks.

Edit to say....'98 Olds...not '99. My bad.

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