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Message Subject Anyone dream of 2 white pillars in the sky?
Poster Handle Sugar Kills
Post Content
[link to www.godlikeproductions.com]

Well at least you have a paid account now. Still aint buying what you are selling.

Three pillars. Severity, mercy and the one in the middle, which is you balancing both.

God is a man and a woman. Made in our image is plural. Man and woman. The bible is in code but because of numerous translations and removal of key books it is completely corrupted.

We are all born gods children. We all have different gifts of sight. Some make the choice to abuse them. We are all born knowing how to be godlike but man like the serpent tries to trick us into eating the magic fruit that will make us something we already were when born. The serpents trick and mans to this day is saying we need to follow something to know god when we were already born knowing.

As salt said. These threads and games are just you trying to sell us you are something better than what we are, special. When we are all born the same.

All your guessing games do is add more smoke over the mirrors.
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People hiding behind IDs are losers and have something to hide. 5a
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