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The coming of the RFID Microchip worldwide and Prophecies soon to fullfill

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12/15/2013 02:50 AM
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The coming of the RFID Microchip worldwide and Prophecies soon to fullfill
Very soon, not many years from now, a man will cause people to recieve a Microchip under their skin. And if you don't take this Microchip you won't be able to buy or sell.

Revelation 13:16-18. 16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

Pastor Perry Stone '' This medical doctor was coming to a certian city, to meet with 3000 doctors, about the New - Health - Care - Chip ''

''And he said that there is a healthcare chip, that they have been working on for several years, now listen on to what i am gonna say, this was of may 2009 and when this man said : yeah, there's gonna be a new healthcare chip, they are gonna put it right in your hand, right in your forehead and that it is gonna contain all of your healthcare information. He said : you are not gonna have do paper work you just scan your hand, they do a scan of you, its got everything on there. Its got all your information and he said thats where its gonna go and he said we've had this for a while but we've test it on people and some blood types rejected. And the government had us working on them, to make sure all the blood types, and i think we've got it perfected and he said you'll have it inserted in your local hospital.


Did you know that there has come scanners to Walmarts? And that people have asked of what these scanners are for, and that these people have not been fully answered, they have only been recommended to contact somebody else.

You see people, the government is passing new Obamacare laws everyday for what i understand, and its not just a few either, i've heard that they passed over 60 new ones in just one day!

Slowly and slowly you are going to see it change, and at the end of it station will the Microchip be waiting, but thats not the last stop, we are truly in the end times people, these are Bible Prophecies unfolding before our very eyes, there is also a prophecy of a third temple being buildt, and the Jews are planning to construct it right now, they have already made the Menorah for the temple already.

Is it a coincidence that famous singer Bob Dylan Admits selling hes soul to '' Master chief '' ? Is it a coincidence that very famous sings contains the lyrics when playing them backwards : '' Satan '' sex '' 666 ''. Did you know that many people have and are experiencing supernatrual things in their homes right now, they are hearing things in their homes, things move in their houses, this is not just few, i am talking about a big big crowd here, and they have been tricked to believe that these things in their homes are ghost by Satan himself, Father of lies, that has only come to kill steal and destroy. Did you know that many people in courts admits hearing voices in their heads, they even admit they hear demons, and they are right, because it is demons they hear. Have you looked carefully at the Google Chrome logo? Look again : 666 . Is it coincidence that in every barcode there are the numbers 666 if converting the barcode to the Jewish alphabet/numbers. Coincidence that it happends to come a Christian man to tell my brother the day he was about to take suicide : Don't do it. My brother got shocked and he has given hes life to the Lord. God is truly good. And God Loves You Very Much, this is in hes words and this is what he has told us through Jesus Christ.

There are many, many Bible prophecies unfolding before our very eyes right now. There is about to come a BIG Revival all around the world, you will see this, but who knows maybe you reading this are already saved, and have maybe already heard of the rapture. There the Bride of Christ will be taken out of this world, right before the BIG Wrath of God, that is about to come to this world, as a punishment for all wicked sins.

People are aborting small human beigns, small small babies are being killed, there are many pictures of a small aborted cutted baby hand on the American money, the hand is right on '' In God we trust '' blood covering almost all of the penny. These aborted babies are moving in womens wombs, they are alive, they have life, and people are killing them! This is just one reason of many, why there is a BIG coming wrath from God to this world. The Good News Is, that God Loves You, and does not want you to experience this BIG coming Wrath. Jesus died for you, he took the sins of the whole world so that we could live, if we choose it, if we choose to follow and hear hes voice. It is written that when the last trumpet shouts, the Bride of Christ will be taken out of here and meet the Lord Jesus Christ in the air/space. There are many prophecies about to get fullfilled, i suggest you study these right now. Never Forget, you are Very Very Loved by God / Jesus Christ / Holy Spirit / Me :). God Bless You