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Inside the Saudi 9/11 coverup

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 4346190
12/15/2013 02:48 PM
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Inside the Saudi 9/11 coverup
The fact that the MSM is now admitting to a 9/11 coverup is astonishing, this used to be a topic of conspiracy nuts

but now the New York Post has said the following

the federal government protecting the Saudis? Case agents tell me they were repeatedly called off pursuing 9/11 leads back to the Saudi Embassy, which had curious sway over White House and FBI responses to the attacks.

Just days after Bush met with the Saudi ambassador in the White House, the FBI evacuated from the United States dozens of Saudi officials, as well as Osama bin Laden family members. Bandar made the request for escorts directly to FBI headquarters on Sept. 13, 2001 — just hours after he met with the president. The two old family friends shared cigars on the Truman Balcony while discussing the attacks.

[link to nypost.com]