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Guaranteed this was all part of Phil Robertson's plan

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12/18/2013 11:28 PM
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Guaranteed this was all part of Phil Robertson's plan
Phil spoke about departing the show as early as May/July of this year. He speaks his mind and now no more Hollywood types running around his home and the Duck Men get even MORE publicity. Brilliance...sheer brilliance!

--Patriarch Phil Robertson says he won't be on the show forever.

"Not long," Phil says of his remaining tenure on the show. "But I think it’ll go on without me."

[link to www.sheknows.com]

--The stars of "Duck Dynasty" did a cover shoot and interview for Parade magazine, and before we get all hung up on the cool stuff the Robertsons said about their beards, it should be noted immediately that family patriarch Phil Robertson announced he is not long with the A&E show.

[link to blog.zap2it.com]
Ban guns to "save the children" but killing them in the womb is totally cool......I see; it makes perfect sense now.