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Message Subject News Flash: Inflammation Is What Causes Most Of Today's Heart Disease, not necessarily high fat diet
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
what does inflammation feel like? Bloating on the inside?
 Quoting: chasity

Bloating would be bowel inflammation. I notice it after eating gluten foods like pasta or pizza. If you find a gluten free alternative pasta or dough, the bloating isn't there.

At least thats been my experience.

You can also have inflamed arteries/veins which would increase your blood pressure and maybe give you some chest pains. Its also a silent killer because most people don't know its happening unless they go to a doctor routinely.

Our bodies natural remedy to fight disease is to cause heat for some reason.. like in the case of a bad flu our temperature rises, thats the body trying to burn out/kill the virus/bacteria.. sometimes it kills us too right..

Inflammation is just the body trying to fix something.. The problem is it should only inflame for a few days then subside. I think the food/med companies are all in cahoots to poison the food to cause massive inflammation in people to simulate diseases that could easily be fixed by diet change and light exercise.
If they aren't in cahoots to kill us off and make us sicker it could be just cheaper to make gluten foods.. I don't really know, just speculation mostly.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76195662

100% correct.
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