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Message Subject 1 Proverb For Each Day Of The Month
Poster Handle Light_V_Dark
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Gosh Darn It, We Just Won't Judge Anybody Or ANYTHING...Take Jane Fonda....PLEASE¿¿
[link to www.uic.edu]
Indochina Peace Campaign from Womankind (November 1972.)
Imagine, even famous actresses are conditioned to feel ugly! omg
Jane Fonda grew up in Hollywood with a famous actor for a father. laugh Her background enables her to see connections between American movie screen images; racism and sexism; and Vietnam.

“I was terrified seeing those Indians in the movies chase my father, and shoot arrows into the bedrooms of his lily-white wives.
“Those roles my father played didn’t stop at the movie set. Every weekend when I was a child, John Wayne, John Ford, Ward Bond, and my father would come to our house wearing Stetson hats and six-guns. They would sit around a big table, lay their six-shooters down, and play a macho card game. They were the real men.”

Weren’t these images of racism and male arrogance the cultural background against which Lyndon Johnson could say, referring to the Vietnamese, “The U. S. won’t be bullied by a bunch of yellow dwarfs with pocket knives”.
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