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Message Subject 1 Proverb For Each Day Of The Month
Poster Handle Light_V_Dark
Post Content
Just Posting On Conservative Blogs, Brings All The Little Ghouls To Me?

What would anyone want to dislike a god. When there isn't one to dislike. The best idea of a god I can see is the one I have seen in some peoples hearts. This I have seen less in many devout. This is why we accept you for your beliefs with open arms. Its you that has to deal with it come bye bye time. We come in alone and we leave alone. Therefore the journey is an individual one. We pretty much feel like Jack Nicholson did in "The bucket list" He said "If I'm wrong, I win"
Now of course for you to accept us can not be that, "live and let live" way.. You need to see us suffer as you do first, just in case we happen to be right. Now, I get the whole moral compass thing and all. Only if were(sic) right, who was all the morality for? Okay, just saying were(sic) better off having the morality for earthly reasons and get on with the show.

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