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Message Subject 1 Proverb For Each Day Of The Month
Poster Handle Light_V_Dark
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I'm Gagged On CONSERVATIVE SODAHEAD. So, I can't answer when the Utopian-Unicorn-Kids WAX SILLY with me..WHAT A COUNTRY¿¿
[link to www.sodahead.com]

Kayla to Light_V... (edited)
Wanna hear a true story? There were 6 kids in the principals office. Two of the kids were Christian, 2 were Atheist, and 2 were from another country. The principal was doing an experiment to prove how only Christians respect the flag. He told all six children to spit on the small American flag on his desk. Out of the six children, only two did it: The Christian children. The atheists and foreigners did not. When asked why, the atheists replied "We respect the country and their symbolic flag." The foreigners replied "We love this country and are grateful for the opportunities it gives to us." When he asked the Christians why they spit on the flag, they replied simply "Because you told us too."
How do I know this is a true story? Because I was one of the atheist children in his office that [email protected] This was in the 6th grade.
People talk about how immigrants don't care about the country, or about how atheists hate America and disrespect it, yet when it came to a person in authority telling them to do something that wasn't right, the Christians (the supposed almighty Christian angels who could do no wrong, that built this country) were quick to please. I think this says something about our country.

:Edited for a very silly @ typo I made. Accidentally typed death instead of desk
.............................. Pinocchio

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