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Message Subject 1 Proverb For Each Day Of The Month
Poster Handle Light_V_Dark
Post Content
John 3:19-20
19 And this is the DOOM, for [email protected]@ came into the world, AND MEN LOVED MORE DARKNESS THAN LIGHT; FOR THEIR WORKS WERE EVIL[^]·

20 FOR EACH MAN THAT DOETH EVIL, HATETH THE LIGHT[^]; and he cometh not to the light [and cometh not to the light], that his works be not reproved.

[link to downloadpolitics.com]

TonyC @ Light_V_Dark
According to a new report from Columbia University, gay people living in anti-gay parts of the US die on average 12 years earlier than those who live in more accepting areas.

As usual, crusader 'Light v Dark' presents a disingenuously distorted picture to suit his own narrow (-minded) agenda.C @ Light_V_Dark

And, about 8 hours ago
Of the several jobs I've had, the one with the healthiest prevailing culture is my current workplace. I measure this in terms of friendly work environment with little or no office politics, a good work ethic with people willingly putting in their own time when needed, work colleagues who are loving partners and parents in their private lives, and above all, warm-hearted people who intuitively do the right thing by society as a whole. Not only that - it's the most competently run place I've ever worked in (under a female CEO, as it happens). It's a not-for-profit environmental organisation. Yes, we are a bunch of greenies - the very demographic you would make disparaging generalisations about (yet we have an evangelical Christian working with us who is well liked and respected). laugh

@@Your whole division of the world into light and dark - with you having the monopoly on truth and virtue - is not only a turn-off - it's a distortion of how the human spirit functions in the real world.

Ellen Page was appealing for people to see the beauty in others; YOU CAME HERE AND THUMPED YOUR TUB OF JUDGEMENT AND REJECTION- THE SINGLE BIGGEST CONTRIBUTING FACTOR TO THE SHORT LIFE-SPAN OF GAYS[^](through suicide). ( sorry, I SUCK! suicide ) That's not my idea of truth or virtue. It's one of many roads to hell.

[link to rs928.pbsrc.com]

Light_V_Dark @ TonyC
The Communists infected us with Satanism in ernest with the Berlin Wall...NOW, IT'S, OMG, WHAT HAVE WE DONE...GFY TONI..
[link to middbeat.org]

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