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Message Subject 1 Proverb For Each Day Of The Month
Poster Handle Light_V_Dark
Post Content
Light_V_Dark @ TonyC •

[link to www.geftakysassembly.com] pray

The evil hate the LIGHT–the LIGHT of goodness that shows you up, the LIGHT of scrutiny that exposes you, the LIGHT OF TRUTH that penetrates your deception.p 179 Rather than blissfully lacking a sense of morality, like the sociopath, you are continually engaged in sweeping the evidence of your evil under the rug of your own consciousness.p 76


TonyC @ Light_V_Dark •
And what is the technical term for your kind of rage? You know, the kind stemming from a total shutting off of those dark jerkit places where you've buried that which you cannot face: your jealousy of missing out on what your brothers were getting - of not feeling part of their world? The kind that leads to the setting up of a parallel universe where you can spend 24 hours a day railing against that which you fear most, namely your own latent homosexuality sideways and, most likely, women,(?!?) and constantly seek justification for that in various texts, belief systems and internet articles? You are so far gone you are waaay beyond evil. You are trashed beyond repair. And like with all disconnected people, it's everyone else who's got the problem!! hi

TonyC @ Light_V_Dark •
You keep recycling the same stories with increasingly hysterical narrative - not to mention the narcissistic (as in attention-seeking) element with your caps lock and backward question marks etc. I can't even begin to answer obtuse posts like this - you're just grandstanding, in typical conservative cultist blowhard fashion! Time to zip. I'll leave you to bellow to yourself
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