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Message Subject 1 Proverb For Each Day Of The Month
Poster Handle Light_V_Dark
Post Content
What would Chuckles Manson do? He’s ATWA(R), MEE-ANN…AIR-TREES-WATER-ANIMALS, DUDES…YA DIG? {8-Q gotta SMOKE?
Chuckles is bisexual, vegetarian, ANTI-WAAW—and a DIAGNOSED PSYCHOPATH…DUDES!

If the SATANIC LOON were released and ran against Sarah Palin, he’d crush her…YOU FRIGGIN aholeS..

I'm going to quote a little English guy raving at me. He makes almost as much sense as Chuckles. My point BEING, If a Conservative person is caught in a BROKEN SHOELACE SCANDAL, HIS WHOLE FAMILY AND THE GENERATIONS TO COME, HAVE TO BE DISSECTED, PILLORIED, ASSASSINATED OVER AND OVER AGAIN..

Federal judge orders Tennessee to recognize 3 same-sex marriages
Morton212 replied to you · 6 hours ago
Ah. I see - you must have been half scared to death when your parents caught you masturbating jerkit at puberty. Were you told you would go blind, and then to hell ? Did you ever try and find the Book of Homophobia. wthread Do you still have dreams - bananasex nightmares of being man-raped ? Has the sweating dead3 and the arousal finally stopped ? scratching

Charlie Takes A Bride, Dudes...
[link to twitchy.com]
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