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Subject Weird morning happenings
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I use my work cell phone as my alarm clock.
At 6 am It woke me up and i hit snooze.
Well I woke up late because the phone didnt go off again.
I looked at the computer clock and it said 7:09 am.
I grabbed my phone and was off to work , I thought my battery had run down.
Once in the car i tried to plug in the cellphone and it would do nothing.
Once at work I was busy and about 8 am the boss came up to me.
I was going to give him the phone , and tell him it wasn't working.
To my amazement the phone screen was on . I told him never mind " it was working now".
9 o'clock came and i tried to use the phone , and it wouldn't work... only then did i realize the screen time was 7:08 am. The exact time i woke from a dead sleep.

I had to remove the battery to reset the phone . Only then did it start working.

Also in the last 6 months 2 other alarm clocks have stopped working on me. Both digital and the screens both said the same thing ... 1p:G8 I have no idea what is going on.

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