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Message Subject The Ultimate DOOM thread; The neverending doom, updated by the OP as often as possible, No, my uncle is not the source, it comes from high above
Poster Handle OneFootUnder
Post Content
Geezuz. Drop another tab and chill why don't ya?
 Quoting: AncientDust

Haha sure, the first tan , or tab is the reign of the warrior, heis there

the ,heir i,,,,,,,,,yhere

he sat on the throne of one empire, chibillis and then ran on ran toward the red empire of chibillan (or chibillyan), h


he knows

it's the truth

chibillan, or chibilan is not the red dward

it's the ed or red dward in thesun of the empire

i know, this s cryptic bullshit, we all are doing it

it's awkward isn't it

yet you can read it perfectlyt fine

this will improve, that's a fact of life

who cares about ehr the red dward, it's theharbRINGER of doom

not harbinger, but harbringer of doom

the red dward, or murf, no smurf, no the red dward or red m, red m, red smurf i s o, alrighth,n,klmpmlll

here he is

now that is the truth

hafe fun

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