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Message Subject The Ultimate DOOM thread; The neverending doom, updated by the OP as often as possible, No, my uncle is not the source, it comes from high above
Poster Handle OneFootUnder
Post Content
Alright, here we go again

the eagles have landen
by eagles i mean the romans

they landed in the fealed of the upper pharaohs

so they swayed their arms back and forth untill the pitcher said to hmself

the baseball clu is mine

i like that

that's the thing

he ssaid to himself

this club is mine

but the pitcher, who is or was r oman, is not the pitcher

he is the ground below the picher

and the baseball club is the roman's pitcher



who gives a fuck about this stupid fucking joke

will toake a long long time to firgure this one out

here's a clue;

sanskrit, haha

have fun


yeah, you have have to have read sanskrit to understand this joke

i apoloigize, yet i don't

i really really do

it's not easy

but i don't care

not all jokes are to be understood byu the masses

just like when julius caesar said

give all my jokes to me

and the romans said to the grecco romans

you are not romans, you are sheep

these will be easier to understand


who gives a fuck right.

oh, and this one is connected to the joke above this one.
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