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Good Lawyer for Sarasota, FL???

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01/03/2014 07:56 AM
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Good Lawyer for Sarasota, FL???
so this state decided to pick up charges on me from something from August of 2013....

nobody was arrested that day however suddenly just a few days ago I was served with a subpoena telling me I had court January 9th.

not leaving me much time, to accumulate funds and or find a lawyer as I am hecticly trying to while at work.

as I said it's a misdemeanor...

and if you know of a good attorney and this part of the state please let me know.

if I show up without one I am a prime rib to the state.

if I show up with one they will probably drop the charges.

maybe somebody on GOP is a lawyer.... all I know is posting on here makes you an enemy of the state, and I find it ironic the day that I published my book and posted it on GLP.... is the same day the state decided to press charges.
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Love to GLP.
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