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Syria: US General Paul Vallely present with anti-al Qaeda groups on day of alleged chemical weapons attack.

The set-up
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United States
01/07/2014 10:47 PM
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Syria: US General Paul Vallely present with anti-al Qaeda groups on day of alleged chemical weapons attack.
[WND] President Obama is unlikely to take any military action against Syria that will actually make a difference, but his administration is actively backing the radical Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaida elements of the rebellion while leaving the Free Syrian Army high and dry, warns retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely.

Vallely consults with military leaders of the Free Syrian Army and recently returned from a trip to Turkey that also included a heavily guarded trip to the rebel stronghold of Aleppo. He was in the region when the apparent chemical weapons attack took place.

[link to www.mainwashed.com]
Anonymous Coward
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United States
01/07/2014 11:18 PM
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Re: Syria: US General Paul Vallely present with anti-al Qaeda groups on day of alleged chemical weapons attack.
Obama is supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qeaida all over the world. Killing civilians, women and children with drones. It's DISGRACEFUL!!!

[link to www.wnd.com]

Egyptian Lawyers Charge Obama With Crimes Against Humanity; Accessory to Muslim Brotherhood Violence
(that site we can't post)

"Walid Shoebat is now reporting that Obama’s Brother (Malik Obama) is headed for Egypt’s Terror Watch List and reminds the readers of all the evidence mounting for his involvement with the Muslim Brotherhood." [link to www.thegatewaypundit.com]

Links between Muslim Brotherhood and Obama administration
[link to www.voltairenet.org]
List of stuff here that O has done with Muslim Brotherhood.

More calls for Crimes Against Humanity charges against Obama
[link to voiceofrussia.com]

For any rational thinking person it is clear that there had to be a point when US impunity in the execution of their unilateral endless "Global War on Terror" has to be brought under control and put a stop to. Now that point may have been reached. US President and "Drone Executioner in Chief" Barrack Hussein Obama may be finally seeing his days of "Terror Tuesdays" and continued meddling in the Middle East come to an end. Recently not only have Bolivian President Evo Morales and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro broached the subject of finally reigning in and holding the imperialist "sole world super-power" and its leader to account, threatening charges at the ICC, but an increasing number of bodies and world leaders are also taking the view that US illegality and war crimes have to end.
Before the United Nations President Morales called Obama "a criminal who willingly violates international law", called for a "Tribunal of the People" to be formed to prosecute Obama, said that he did not feel safe in the United States and claimed that the US harbors terrorists.
With the ongoing revelations of US involvement with groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda, who the US was funding and arming to overthrow the Government of President Bashar Al-Assad in Syria and daily revelations about the way the US overthrew the Libyan Government, waged war on Iraq and Afghanistan and continues dozens of illegal practices around the world including black sites, the illegal extra-judicial prison at Guantanamo, their drone execution program and the massive spying on the nations of the world, the chances of Obama being brought to account are beginning to look like a possibility that no one would have dreamt about just a few years ago when he was the Nobel Peace Prize winning president of "hope" and "change".