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Message Subject Death With Dignity and why TPTB Promote Religion and Discourage Suicide
Poster Handle Em18966
Post Content
[Reserves personal thoughts on matter out of respect for the potentially weak of heart.]
 Quoting: Mister Obvious

M.O. holding back her thoughts?



This discussion/OP hinges mainly on suicide, and my thoughts on the matter don't have anything to do with suicide.
 Quoting: Mister Obvious

I think suicide gets a bad rap, though.

I think immense pain, insufferable pain, whether mental or physical, is only felt by the sufferer.

And only he/she should have the right to determine when enough is enough.

We have the tools in our society to allow people to escape this life with dignity and without pain and suffering, but they are withheld from the masses.

I think that we need to have more open discussions on death, so the subject becomes less taboo.

I don't think that one person is stronger or better than another simply because their psyche/spirit/soul/mind/body is better equipped to deal with the pain and and hardships of this life. I think we need to stop stigmatizing those who choose to leave because they want to or because they can't handle it anymore, for whatever reason.
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