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Message Subject Death With Dignity and why TPTB Promote Religion and Discourage Suicide
Poster Handle SingleCellOrganism
Post Content
"religion is used to keep us inline"

OK, so it's bad to think morally, because that is 'inline'.

Stealing, lying, cheating, killing, doing drugs, etc., is good!

"they don't want you to commit suicide ...."

So you want to commit suicide then?

"I'm in pain" -> stabs self in neck

Is your point that TPTB want you to live a fruitful and long life? Please clarify.

Alternatively, are you suggesting that working is so horrible that it's worth killing yourself over?

Imagine a world of immoral people who didn't have to work. Wouldn't that be 1000% worse than what we see today?

Marauding bands of lazy sociopaths with no religion ....

Sounds pleasant.
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