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Message Subject Death With Dignity and why TPTB Promote Religion and Discourage Suicide
Poster Handle tiger1
Post Content
[Reserves personal thoughts on matter out of respect for the potentially weak of heart.]
 Quoting: Mister Obvious

M.O. holding back her thoughts?



This discussion/OP hinges mainly on suicide, and my thoughts on the matter don't have anything to do with suicide.
 Quoting: Mister Obvious

I have had 2 friends kill themselves, and another who failed. the 2 that succeeded had no health problems, one was older, and one was 26.The one that was older took an overdose. It destroyed her family.The one that was 26 killed himself to get "back" at his father, who he hated.
The one that failed was only 19 and healthy when he tried. His suicide attempt left him blind, but he is glad he is alive.

So, where will this all stop, or will it. In some other countries, they allow assisted suicide for people with mental problems, because they are "suffering" also. Older people are encouraged by their families to kill themselves. Some younger people view the elderly and disabled as burdens who need to be euthanized. Hitler encouraged legal suicide, and forced euthanasia on thousands of sick, disabled, and elderly people. Then it escalated into other categories of people. Reread history.
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