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The Great Tribe of Celts:the Green Party versus the Orange Party

User ID: 52948043
01/14/2014 05:19 PM
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The Great Tribe of Celts:the Green Party versus the Orange Party
There is an old legend in the Great Celtish tribe

it is said one day two twin brothers about 10 years old walked in the forest in Ireland

they discovered a magic tree right in the middle on an uninhabited round plain(sounds familiar,like the round plain at Hoia forest)

this magic apple tree produced green apples and orange apples

2 apples felt from the tree in the heads of the 2 boys(Newton...legend later,see the colour)

one boy ate the green apple and the other boy the orange apple

both declared their apple was the best and decided to wear that colour for the rest of theirlives

they created the Grunewelte or the Green Party and the house of Orania or the Orange Party

Germany is green now-capital of Greens there

Holland was green now is orange-capital-Orania there

France is split

Spain is orange

Portugal is green

Ireland is green

so historically the green party was much more powerfull through 5-6000 years of Celtish history than the orange party

De Witt and Cornelius were green in Holland while Wilhelm III was orange

the queen of Holland now is orange

the Orange mobile communication firm is now located in the Netherlands


the 2 brothers left to vandalise and conquer the world

they had different approaches

the green party had this philosophy:kill all men and children,save and fuck the women make them make children,enslave the rest

the orange party had historically this philosophy:kill all women by strangling them,that is why French noble women have maney things around their necks to make things easy on them

they have great respect for elder men and boys who are put to work inside their orange communities

the 2 parties compete with each other rarely kill each other

there are noble men and women in France ffrom both parties

Mara told me

-you see I am from the orange party while Frederic Gros the former contact agent of your was from the green party


peace my friends