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Sexual Fetish List

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 103874
United States
06/08/2006 09:10 PM
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Sexual Fetish List
Balloon fetish (Looner)

sexually stimulated by inflated balloons


Being aroused by seeing people smoke cigarettes, liking smokers

Face Sitting
(Smothering fetish)

aroused by having people sit on their face (smothering)


dressing/acting as a baby

Mature Taboo

aroused by sex between older and younger people

Latex Fetish

wearing (tight) latex clothing (worn or painted on)

Messy Fetish

getting dirty/sticky/slimy

Food Fetish

eating/wearing food (related to messy fetish)

Trample-Crush Fetish

being stepped on, trampled or crushed (related to Foot fetish)


having a hand & arm stuck up their rectum/vagina

Huge insertions

large objects inserted in rectum/vagina


sexual interaction with animals

Pregnant Fetish (Prego)

aroused by pregnant (or fat) and lactating women

Medical Fetish

doctor/nurse/patient play, also using medical tools (speculum, catheter, enema, etc)

Electrical Fetish

applying electrical charges to the body (related to medical)

Urethral Play

catheters and objects into the urethra (related to medical)

Fat Fetish

turned on by very obese people (chubs+chasers)


urine/peeing (golden shower)

Scat (Brown)

deficating/shit play


being spanked/spanking (bad boy/girl)


applying vacuum to enclosure to enlarge penis & balls

Cock & Ball Torture

applying various painful/torturous devices to the penis/balls
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 86590
United States
06/08/2006 09:12 PM
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Re: Sexual Fetish List