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Space Weather, DNA and Our Bodies- lecture in Delft, NL

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01/27/2014 11:27 AM

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Space Weather, DNA and Our Bodies- lecture in Delft, NL
Wow, this sounds like an interesting one!

"Since then, many of her ideas have become reality as Space Weather is becoming more and more of an issue in everyday life. Although hardly discussed in the media, Space Weather is strongly affecting our life. Both in the technology we use and in our bodies, which are after all electromagnetic systems as well. There is, Rennison states, a serious problem with the electromagnetic understanding of the human body. Most scientist prefer people to think of themselves in terms of chemicals. Yet DNA is a nanotube that obeys quantum mechanical laws. Progress in DNA research has shown that DNA behaves in a much more adaptable way than earlier assumed. The sun has an enormous influence on our technology as well as on our bodies and minds!"

[link to sg.tudelft.nl]

Takes place 5 Feb in the evening, in lovely Delft, The Netherlands.
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