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Message Subject Alabama snow impact by the numbers--5 Dead, 23 injured on roads and 3500 students sheltered at school
Poster Handle Bluebird
Post Content
I am so fed up with asshats saying that we can't handle the snow or we can't drive or any other assanine attempt to put us down. This crap was forecasted to be 125 miles south of b'ham and this was at 8:00 am!!! By 11:00 James Spann was telling people to get a hotel room!!! There was even one guy from here calling people goons and getting on his soap box about how smart and well prepared he was. There was a massive pileup because they waited too long to let kids and parents out. People freak out when the thought of not getting your child enters their mind.
Bottom line southerners can and will endure because we help one another. We are the ones pulling neigbors out of demolished homes after tornadoes. We don't wait for fema we do it ourselves. After reading countless crap from some northerners there is no doubt I am where I am supposed to be. I love my state and I love my fellow man. Anyone that says different can kiss it twice.
Oh, Bluebird I am so happy to hear your boy is safe.
 Quoting: Alabamabombshell:) 39216289

Keep in mind, up north we have lots of snowplows and salters. Down south they don't because it doesn't snow that much down there. If there wasn't plows or salters we'd be in trouble too.
 Quoting: indiandave

Another thing for those putting us down so--I watched my neighbor from Vermont who has bragged about his snow driving skills a dozen times slip and catch his hand on the door handle of his car, nearly busting his butt yesterday. Then he proceeded to get in his car and slide down the street sideways!

Guess they don't have slick wet ice in Vermont. Can't wait until I see him in person to ask him about all that! Yeah, we get it from the snowbirds when it's not even snowing. Turns out they are full of it.

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