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Message Subject PIN If You Dare! - Clyde Lewis Is Doing A LIVE *Tribute To GLP* "Ask Me Anything!" Show, TONIGHT!!!!!
Poster Handle Lucy
Post Content
Clyde Lewis doesn't have any talent what he has is contrived,
is paranoid narcissist kook. Lewis needs to pare down his bumpers and exert more control for programming. Seriously, you can tell a good radio program by its advertisers. Lewis'
advertisers exhort/imply listeners are drug/alcoholic addicts, mentally disturbed (total transformation program), psuedo science cures, gold and property scammers, etc. Lewis like Snoron will eventually fade away into obscurity. Radio is vast Salvadore Dali like tumbleweeded landscape of lunatics. What gives with Lewis claiming he speaks four languages you never hear him speak them? His critical analysis is weak and clouded with a bunch of sugar coated paranoiac ramblings.
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