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Subject the 'cabal' Vs The light workers,ascended masters,benevolent aliens will be the final game of good/bad cop to bring in one world order
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
We all know the NWO plays the good/bad cop game and controls both sides to obtain their means.

I seriously think this so called mass awakening of the masses was purposely planned for one purpose.To call public attention to both the crimes of the scapegoat 'cabal' (Bush,Kissinger,Rockerfeller,Rothschild etc),and the existence of the so called ascended masters/benevolent aliens by the new age light worker community.

This exposure over the past 40 or so years was to condition the public for when these so called benevolent entities; and their light worker disciples appear.

To remove the illuminati from power,and usher in a golden age.This will truly appear to be a wonderful utopia,based on many amazing promises that will not play out in the end.

This album cover below by Gamma ray is one of the most amazing depictions of this idea in a single picture,as I have ever seen.

[link to imgur.com]

On the left are the 'cabal' with their fighter jets and barren,smoking,and lifeless landscapes.A result no doubt of that World War 3 nuclear war,martial law,mass depopulation etc that we have been conditioned to fear.

A dark figure leads them.Perhaps a depiction of a red herring antichrist

Then rushing into battle as mankinds apparent savior is a white robbed figure,that is dueling with the cabals leader.

Benevolent extraterrestrials float behind the white robed figure in the UFO's.In preparation of assisting the new age hero in mankinds liberation.

Obviously clean skys and scenery, as well as beautiful technologically advanced architecture of the golden age dots the landscape.

Reminding us of the wonderful advanced world,we can have if we embrace our new age messiah and alien saviors

But wait..both the new age and cabal leader have the same face as the figure in the background.Not only that but energy from the background figures eyes flows into the two duelers swords.

Clearly indicating that while appearing to be enemies,both these entities get their power from the same force.The back ground figure also has the entire world in it's grip,and the words 'NO WORLD ORDER' are proclaimed below.

Is there any doubt of the identity of the puppet master that controls both sides once again?

hint..it's an anagram of Santa :P
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