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Message Subject the 'cabal' Vs The light workers,ascended masters,benevolent aliens will be the final game of good/bad cop to bring in one world order
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Bush - nwo by rule of law, sacrifice
Gorbachev - this world needs a new set of commandments
UN - global courts for global law
Pope - this world needs more 'thou shall nots'
'galactic federation' - bring in universal laws
'as ended masters' - universal harmony through universal laws
New agers - new enforced codes and those who don't agree - sacrificed

"income inequality" "dignity of man" "dignity of work" "universal laws"
Each of these groups are preaching the same things. In which case, judging by appearances will only lead to seeing good side / bad side. Judging by fruits however shows them to be good cop / bad cop - merely taking on different appearances yet producing the same fruit.
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