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Message Subject the 'cabal' Vs The light workers,ascended masters,benevolent aliens will be the final game of good/bad cop to bring in one world order
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That is without a doubt a possibility that all must stay aware of. It is much like the current two party system we have that fools people into choosing a side that is run by the same leaders.

It's the same strategy, just a switch out of the players for a broader, more encompassing, version of the same theme. They want their small version to be a large version. Control on a larger scale.

I can certainly see this trick being attempted. I can also see it working. If so many are already fooled by the democratic v republican charade, it really won't be hard for them to pull off exactly what you're theorizing.
 Quoting: Sinclair

It's just using a new facet to a game plan that has worked many times before.Capitalism vs Communism,Republican vs Democrat,Axis powers Vs Allied powers.

Always the same old thing again and again really.I don't think this time will be any different.

All they are doing now is building the known elites and system up to be the bad cop.Telling us all about the evil reptilean controlled illuminati,and how they have for so long persecuted us and withheld mankinds birthright.

Next comes the light workers,benevolent aliens,and ascended masters riding in as the saviors.They are going to tell us our true history,revamp the financial system,forgive debts,give out prosperity money,stop war etc.

People bought the other controlled Vs scenarios easily without all the signs,wonders,and rewards the light workers will come bearing.I think they will have the masses on their side in very short order.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 53875054

OP, I have been thinking along the same lines. I heard something about it being Agenda21 of the Illuminati playbook.

So...what are our options? How can we break free...or are we even suppose to while we're still in 3D?
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