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Message Subject the 'cabal' Vs The light workers,ascended masters,benevolent aliens will be the final game of good/bad cop to bring in one world order
Poster Handle Silvanaus
Post Content
It is all fronts of the Illuminati...

The ascendent masters are Knights Templars that have the process of awakening. The Golden Dawn and its front Scientology the goal of removing conditioning from the daily interactions to create a true observer.

Is politics a plank to a clean mind, to be free from subjective implanting. A perfect political system with out hierarchy. So the Rothchild's dabble in Communism or Sovietism in America as G.I Gurdjieff was looking for a Catholicism in Central Asia religions.

So what does Alister Crowley have to do with, is the desire of creating an order that studies Egyptian magic, to a mass awakening. If the political structure is oppressive and economic system creates subordination for survival. It essence brainwashes people to repetitive cycles. How do you expect a mass awakening to happen to a higher consciousness. Alister Crowley was teaching creativity and trying to break the hypnotic cycle through drugs and rituals in the common and uncommon man.

Bob Dobbs Jr demands slack, and this is the most rebellious thing in America, to have leisure and to enjoy life and significant other. Bob Dobbs believes slack is the way to higher states of consciousness and enjoy in life.

Rothchilds, with the Bush's and Silva's promoted home grown Sovietism in America it was not a foreign colonial experiment, like liberalism promotes.

If it was not for the great grandson of Edward Silva which owns University of Pacific, in the PBS and BBC television show gives Robert L Silva II. Edward Silva was friends with Alister Crowley and Edward was a part of the O.T.O. They give Robert credit in spurring a technology advancement of the computer due to he used old craft designs of buildings on campus then created a computer engineering program which caused the technological era to change. People wanted to go to school.

So the new world view of 19th century Luciferianism, with creation of the Soviet movements in America in the early 20th Century paved the way to modern medicine and television. This will lead to slack and mass enlightenment.

Can their be a mass illumination, is the dark cabal a lie?

Alister Crowley created orders to teach freedom as Edward Silva help create the modern Rosicrucian orders with Max Heindel.

The New World Order is coming as we all see the pangs of the Messiah, the world economy is failing as the angry Muslim desired when they struck at the tool of freedom the World Bank.

The world is creating a new space for the New World Order what will it be?
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