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Seperate church from State?

Don ald
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United States
02/05/2014 12:39 PM
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Seperate church from State?
If you research the word 'church' you can see it can trace to 'family'

Seperate the family from State.

But what has happened?

Have you noticed churches do not pay taxes?

It should be the family not paying taxes.

But its been altered.

Now families pay taxes and the churches do not.

Taxes should be paid from Business profit or revenue or any income checks coming in, not pay checks being created from labor.

Now employees/laborers are being taxed as if they receive their paycheck, but do not.
The employee/laborer must work to *create* their paycheck.
The employee/laborer's paycheck does not pre-exist with value.
Value is coming from employee/laborer's energy and labor.
This type of value does not pre exist.
Need proof?

If you have a regular job, paid every week or 2 weeks...after you are paid, does your next paycheck exist before you go to work in the beginning of the week? Or does it come into existence 'after' you work all week?
There you can find your answer.

Income tax among other taxes are for checks coming in that pre exist with value, not paychecks with created value.

Taking income tax and other taxes from paychecks with 'created' value from our labor, indicates they are taxing our labor, not income profit/revenue).
(Don ald, Donny boy)