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Message Subject From Russia With Love
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Look at all those wonderful men helping little old ladies cross the street. Including one young man in the making. Shooing helpless animals off to safety. Taking the time and good will to help others in sticky situations. We love you real men. The little things add up to everything.


Got my car stuck in a mud hole one time. Had to pay some shmo 15 bucks to pull me out. I was grateful of course but I couldn't help but think if the rolls were reversed I would have just pulled him out and been on my way. Do onto others, and all that. It's good to see this type of thing is still alive out there.
 Quoting: UnderPressure


Russians are having a Spiritual Revival, consisting of many beliefs, faiths, thoughts, etc, individual levels, and are returning to their roots as very kind people, that have suffered in the past horribly, and therefore understand a deeper level true Humanity than the consumer cultures that even the young in the west are being heavily indoctrinated into. The country of the North, and its King views things very differently than the consumer world.
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