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Message Subject America snubs Britain and cosies up to France: Obama says choosing a best ally would be like picking a 'favourite' daughter
Poster Handle Wondering Mind
Post Content
No I would say it means Obama cares more about his own nations economy, while it will be on his time of two terms.

It is hard to get more to spend when you have a free fall in your economy like the 2007 recession.

It would be an attmept to strengthen trade and economic partners in public view.

An attempt to boost credibility of one not doing so well.
And an attempt to hammer out a sense of agreeing with the EU and its standing.

I do not think all member want to really stay in the EU cogs or chains.
I think they are beginning to be fed up with it.

And if they drop out it will crash a lot of others.

That is good reason to paint a picture rosy.
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