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monica lewinsky back in the news...time for a review

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United States
02/12/2014 03:50 PM
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monica lewinsky back in the news...time for a review
if we do her oil human geography, it begins with her father's german jewish background and her mothers russian jewish background and her birthplace in sanfrancisco...the german backgroung links her into the german petrobanking heritage of the rockefellers and rothschilds who bankrolled the communist revolution for their partner in crime, joseph stalin, the caspian sea oil worker organizer...uncle joes part of the deal was to sit on most of the caspian oil leaving rockefeller and his silent partner rothschild with most of the oil in the western world(stalin had what he needed in the vastness of russia).......

san francisco comes into play here as the home of chevron, the old standard oil monopoly shapeshifted into aramco, the arabian american oil comapny, the controllers of the largest commercial prize in the history of the planet, the arabian oil.....rothschild was already out in the bay area going all the way back to the discovery of gold in the 1840's

the last oil link into lewinsky is the time spent at lewis and clark college in portland, one of the few educational institutions in american with longtime links into cuba,that soviet puppet oil destabilization state set up by the petrogangsters to keep the profitable cold war machine rolling...lewinsky is the female version of lee harvey oswald, a low level tap in, born into an intel family with close ties to the sex trade, oswalds connections into the strip clubs of new orleans, lewinsky connected into the borderline porn author her mother

the reason lewinsky got tapped on the shoulder is because clinton comes from the only state in the union that is energy self-sufficient and he became president at the time of the soviet breakup which freed up all the oil in the caspian sea that the rockefellers and stalin had maestroed into dormancy....when he sent commerce scretary brown to the region with many big businessmen who did NOT have ties into the old boy oil conspiracy to get that oil going expeditiously, the gang took his plane down thru one of the global miltary intels with links into the oil business, all aboard dying....

they couldn't kill clinton as that would be too vulger a display of power, so they gave monica the job, a true sociopathic low level...if one reads up on lee harvey oswalds mother you wouldn't know the personality profile differance between her and lewinskys mother who seoerated herself from monica's father(oswald's mother was married 3 times during an era when divorce was taboo in america)

the big question here is why is the lewinsky saga in the news(cnn) and why is the bin ladin saga in the news(cnn) now.....it seems to me that with the oil gangs worst fear upon them, valdimir putin, they are bringing back some old destabilization targets(clinton and bin ladin) that they can slander with their history rewriting

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United States
02/12/2014 03:53 PM

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Re: monica lewinsky back in the news...time for a review

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