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Bitcoin bank seeks regulatory approval.....1st bank based solely on crypto-currency

Uncle Fuck Stick
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02/14/2014 07:44 AM
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Bitcoin bank seeks regulatory approval.....1st bank based solely on crypto-currency
[link to www.investordaily.com.au]

Despite increasing talk of a bubble in the peer-to-peer Bitcoin economy, an Australian company is looking to ‘legitimise’ the online currency with the proposed launch of a Bitcoin bank.

Web technology company HotwirePE yesterday announced the launch of Denariuz Bank, which it claimed would be “the first bank based solely on crypto-currency in the world”.

Speaking to InvestorDaily, HotwirePE chief executive Dr Steven Wright said his firm was working with the Australian Taxation Office and ASIC and is aiming to “have a full banking licence from APRA based on Bitcoin”.

HotwirePE has been working closely with senior government officials for the last 10 months to help them understand Bitcoin and how to regulate it – and the ATO is currently considering the tax treatment of Bitcoin, according to a HotwirePE statement.

“We seek to turn Bitcoin into an internationally-regulated currency and investment tool that uses secured micro-payments for e-commerce transactions between anyone, at anytime, anywhere, and on any-device,” said Dr Wright.

“The great thing with Bitcoin is you can’t loan more than you have; you can have a variety of different contracts and derivatives and all the rest actually set up, but you are limited in that you can’t loan Bitcoins that you don’t actually have,” he said.

With multi-layer security in place, Denariuz will guarantee the safety and protection of customer’s Bitcoins in its secured cold storage vault, removing internet risks and security concerns, according to HotwirePE.

“The UK recently reversed its classification of Bitcoin and said VAT would not be due on sales using Bitcoins,” said Dr Wright said.

“We hope the ATO follows suit and does not force GST to be applied to transactions using the crypto-currency.

“It would be an embarrassment if the regulatory outcome excludes Australia … Incorrect handling of what is essentially money could see a $100 million investment forced to move away from Australia,” said Dr Wright.

However, the virtual currency debate is a continuing one and Bitcoin is not without its detractors.

Euro Pacific Capital chief executive Peter Schiff told CNBC, “the online currency more closely resembles tulip mania 2.0”.

read more at Link

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Uncle Fuck Stick  (OP)

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United States
02/14/2014 08:10 AM
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Re: Bitcoin bank seeks regulatory approval.....1st bank based solely on crypto-currency
Mt gox price is currently around 325 because 4,500 BTC were reported stolen from online black market Silk Road 2.0, which failed to adequately respond to transaction malleability issues that were earlier reported by Mt. Gox, Bitstamp and other exchanges.

[link to www.coindesk.com]

Will you buy if it gets low enough?