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The Big Bang’s Creational Force of Habit, ...

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02/15/2014 12:27 AM
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The Big Bang’s Creational Force of Habit, ...
The Big Bang’s Creational Force of Habit, Right, and Straight, Into, the Seductive, Productive, SEDUCTIVE, and,…….. Provocative Force, Of Nature, and, Also, OF…….. of Natural, and, Inhabitual, Habits, of, The Lord’s of the Rings’s Fellowship of Redemption, and, Succumbtion

The Big Bang is Euphemism for sexual provocation.
In the Universes of the Realm of the Dead, the Sexual Provocational Act is of the Same Provocational Act, as, someone’ Else’s, in the Realm of the King of the Dead, and, for this to Happen on the Materialistic Realm, the Realm is of, and, one of, on the Sense of the Dreading of time, and, for this, and, of this, There must be Truth to this matter, for, There is only ONE REAL BIG GOD SOURCE, and, this God Source, which is NOT of the Realm, or, the King of the Dead, is, that, they shall, and, shan’t not pass, for it sticks to the Mind of the People, and, for this, and, of this, it must be said, and, truth be told, that, the Movie The Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers especially, and, expecially, is of the Same Sense as, and, as, and from, the Same Sense as being in the Realm of the Dead, as, explaining the Behavior of the Universe, is the same as posting something on the Internet, and, Expecting someone to Post a Thread about the Big Bang of the ‘Universal’ Code of ‘Conduct’ Law, and telling them their Insanity of the Huge Paypal Benefits is of the Same Degree as Commercial Law, Commercialization, in the Sense of the Realm of the Dead.

Continued, at link, and, in the Force, of the Ring', at, The Redemptional, Path, of, Enlightenment, and, Virtue, of Fact........ [link to demological.wordpress.com]