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there is a blending between Atlantis and Lemuria happening right now

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03/01/2014 03:10 AM
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there is a blending between Atlantis and Lemuria happening right now
there are mixed families in Bucharest

the father is a red man ,an arab,a lemurian and the mother is a white woman,an atlantean

what am I going to tell to them?

you whole life was a mistake?

they have 2 girls which are between civilizations

they have arab names but atlantean ways of behaving

now they are no longer virgins

they would hhave been killed by stoning in an arab country

what am I going to do with them?

the old world and the old ways are gone

and the new ones are based on conflict and lakc of understanding

the lemurians are too close to my heart

too close to the heart of Atlantis

which is in Bucegi mountain

yes the atlanteans in America are also very close to the heart of Lemuria which is in Israel

and in Iran and in Afghanistan and in India

oh I can hear your protests already

the holy war between jews and muslims is just a ruse

it is for water of the Jordan river

it is not true

because you know nuclear weapons produce deserts in Sahara in Arabia and there is scarce water in the desert

and all men need water every day to live

they don't need food but they do need water

I don't have anything against jews and arabs and Chinese and Indians

still they came too close to my heart

perhaps we should keep things separated

if we can

if we cannot

the jumping of the nwo into the mingled human with no colour of skin


is repulsive