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Subject I havent SPOKEN to my MOTHER in over 7 years & Im the happiest Ive been in my whole LIFE!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I haven't spoken to my mother in over 7 years and I'm the happiest I've been in my whole life! And as wrong as this sounds, I can't say if she died tomorrow that I would have any regrets.

I feel it is her doing because she just couldn't let me have independence. I would move away from home, and she would tell me to come back. When I was at home, she was so involved in me, I couldn't breath. I remember being 27 years old and couldnt do the simplest things like going to Walmart without asking for her permission and usually it was a no.

She was never there for me emotionally growing up, and she never once said sorry for any wrongs she committed. She expected me to say sorry though. She was impossible. I finally told her off, but I was nice about it. She did exactly what I suspected she would do. She went to the family as an innocent victim who never says a bad thing to or about anyone, and told them how awful I was to her. They all took her side except one person. My father took me out of his will because I upset my mother. These were parents who went by "do as I say not as I do."

If my feelings were hurt, they didn't care, but if their feelings were hurt, it was a federal case. My mother is someone who says hurtful things to people. I mean very hurtful things, but she doesn't care how they feel. If someone says something hurtful to her, she's ready to prosecute. I'm better off without a mother, and at my age, it doesn't matter anymore. It just bothers me that people feel sorry for her. My father was the cruelest person you would ever meet. Out in public he was Mister Wonderful, but when he was home, he was an uncaring abusive monster. When he died recently, they had the nerve to say, "He was a great man." What a bunch of bull.

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