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Finlandís security policy status has changed

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 49443815
03/03/2014 05:15 AM
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Finlandís security policy status has changed
Russiaís actions on the Crimean peninsula are changing the status of Finlandís security policy, says Aaltola, as Finland could become a neighbouring country through which Russia can implement its operations if it feels they are justified.

ďFinland should stand firm in relation to where Russiaís legitimate interests end. This boundary has clearly been crossed in Ukraine. Russia should not be doing what it is doing there,Ē says Aaltola, who is in charge of the Global Security research programme at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs.

ď[Russiaís actions] should be strongly condemned and it must be shown that Finland is ready to secure its own interests, if the need arises.Ē
[link to yle.fi]