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New Gods to take place of the true GOD

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United States
03/05/2014 01:06 PM
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New Gods to take place of the true GOD
In todays market we are being pushed away from the true GOD. We now have the churches of NFL, NBA NASCAR, NHRA, Baseball American league and the National League, NHL, just to name a few of the new gods being worshiped today. I know there are some on this site that hate or don't believe in the true GOD. Looking at the things going on world wide it will not be much longer for you, to be able to enjoy eternity with all your fake gods , while the true GOD will take his children to heaven and to hell with this planet and satanic atmosphere. I really don't know why I am writing this except the time is really running out and would love to see GLP'ers in Heaven also would love to see me there and I am trying to be in that position. I am sure I am about to get fried over this , but so be it.
one hunglo