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Message Subject They have secretly taken us all over with nanobots, ultimate mind control, targeted individuals=ALL OF US! Free will lost.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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No its spiritual warfare, you need to know God
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blablabla god bla bla bla religion bla bla bla

Reasons Religion is a form of Mental Illness.
(1) Hallucinations
(2) Delusions
(3) Denial/Inability to learn
(4) Inability to distinguish fantasy from reality
(5) Paranoia
(6) Emotional Abuse
(7) Violence. Read Info for more details.


7(Seven) reasons why religion is a form of mental illness

(1) Hallucinations - the person has invisible friends who (s)he insists are real, and to whom (s)he speaks daily, even though nobody can actually see or hear these friends.

(2) Delusions - the patient believes that the invisible friends have magical powers to make them rich, cure cancer, bring about world peace, and will do so eventually if asked.

(3) Denial/Inability to learn - though the requests for world peace remain unanswered, even after hundreds of years, the patients persist with the praying behaviour, each time expecting different results.

(4) Inability to distinguish fantasy from reality - the beliefs are contingent upon ancient mythology being accepted as historical fact.

(5) Paranoia - the belief that anyone who does not share their supernatural concept of reality is "evil," "the devil," "an agent of Satan" or "the anti-Christ.

(6) Emotional abuse - ­ religious concepts such as sin, hell, cause feelings of guilt, shame, fear, and other types of emotional "baggage" which can scar the
psyche for life.

(7) Violence - many patients insist that others should share in their delusions, even to the extent of using violence.
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I am so sorry they have you on lock down.
Someday MAYBE you will find your way to freedom.

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