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Message Subject They have secretly taken us all over with nanobots, ultimate mind control, targeted individuals=ALL OF US! Free will lost.
Poster Handle NewEarth 5D
Post Content
No, but it explains what has been happening to a lot of us, does it not?

Maybe the vibrations people have been feeling are God's way to fight this.

I am beginning to think the vibrations, the electricity, (the CURE) as mentioned, could possibly be Jesus himself.
 Quoting: Who is Blue Fairy

The story goes that we are changing from carbone basd body to crystalline based body!

Check my youtube channel, under "blog" menu on my website!

Now my body is starting to become "white" and very shimmery veins!

So is the veins of my grand-mother. My mother was like me during the video too. She is a little behind on how my veins are looking. But my grand-mother is just like me.

I do believe we are changing!

I also make the clouds disappear with my thoughts! And the Sun EMANATE VIOLET RAYS with them.

Violet rays are TRANSFIGURATIVE rays!

It is all in my website:


Anyhow, if we die, as long as we have been somewhat decent human beings, I believe we are going to go to the New Earth and the 5th Dimension!

So no worries!


No loss at ALL.
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