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Message Subject They have secretly taken us all over with nanobots, ultimate mind control, targeted individuals=ALL OF US! Free will lost.
Poster Handle NewEarth 5D
Post Content
If everything in that website is true then there definitely 100% is no God. For if there were there is no way such a violation of free will would be allowed. This is literally the most evil, grossest crime conceivable. And its apparently been going on for 15 years. And God does nothing. There is no God. This was the final straw.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 71942897

There is a god, and it's his clan that's behind what's going on - and the main three organized religions worship him. Since you're talking "god" I'll use the word you'll understand, he's really Satan. All the "gods" of the Bible are Satan. Even the Bible itself gives that information.

The real GOD, the real CREATOR, lives in all of us. Nano-tech cannot touch your soul, the Creator that lives in you.

I really recommend reading (Re)Vision at [link to www.universal-rights.com (secure)] if you'd like to see the dots connected. That article also gives a pretty good solution.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 9504291

Yeah whatever. Just your unique interpretation of the fairy tale. There is no god, there is no satan. There is zero evidence for any of it. Oh so the "creator" lives in us? Does it only live in us? So it lives in us and nowhere else? So then what created us and the universe? And if it only lives in us then humans are effectively God and God is not what anyone thinks it is, it is not all powerful, all present or all knowing. So there is no God. No one coming to save us or hold anyone or anything accountable. Its just us at the mercy of people and perhaps aliens with inconceivable amounts of money and technology to do with us what they will totally powerless to stop it. Sounds more like they are God. An evil god. Even if you were to say that they are part of this evil false god then that still leaves you with the fact the supposed real good God is sitting on its hands doing nothing to stop any of it. What soul? As far as im concerned what people call the soul is actually the mind which is the brain which apparently is at the mercy of nanobots.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 71942897

There are human beings who BELIEVE in "Satan" and do SATANIC things!

They tend to INFEST positions of "power" and much of science.

Principally the health science: to make money and to discover how to manipulate the body.

And they MANIFEST those things/knowledge.

The world IS SATANIC.

As I stated above!

Helena Blavatsky stated that this world is RULED by SATAN.

SHE IS WORSHIPED by these vicious morons.
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