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Message Subject They have secretly taken us all over with nanobots, ultimate mind control, targeted individuals=ALL OF US! Free will lost.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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The evolving Mind of the Super-Organism utilizes something similar to GWEN Towers & HAARP technology via electrical oscillations across artificial synapses and axons (in an epic battle btw with Chemrail Brain Fog) for general communication purposes just like the three pound quantum computer cerebral cortex Homo Sapien "Mind" may very well be transported here as an extra-dimensional Hologram Awareness Program across the bendable time-fabric of space to our pink squishy walnut brains giving us the illusion of separation and ego-identity when in fact we are individually as cells of the giant contributing to the growth of the Noosphere as the Morphic Resonance feeds data into the Ashakic Records which will eventually at some lurking threshold give rise to our fierce Shadow and the Return of the God-King something from nothingness, destroyer of worlds.
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