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Keep looking at the right hand forget about the left hand and then you are screwed

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United States
03/12/2014 12:56 PM
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Keep looking at the right hand forget about the left hand and then you are screwed
Boy this flight 370 sure has taken the spot light and we are not looking at anything else , all the news reports are about flight 370, while in the mean time they fired 90 rockets into Israel and nobody is talking about it. I suspect we are in the middle of a false flag and we just haven't seen the end game yet. We are moving ships into place and troops and again nobody talking. Russia is moving into place and I suspect this is all pre planned so they have a script and they are all following it, and we are watching flight 370, and I haven't been convinced that there is a flight 370 it could well be all made up and all bullshit to misdirect our attention. I just have this feeling that we are going to have some sort of major event that will change everything we know and expect. I know by reading there are other GLP'ers that have a similar feeling and I don't know why, I am not clairvoyant in any way just this feeling. I certainly hope that I am full of shit and we have a great summer like normal. How much more shit can we take they are keeping us real busy after a while you get pissed off, anybody there yet

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